How to Keep People on Your Website Longer

7 Easy eCommerce & & Service Site Marketing Methods It’s an easy equation: the more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are to convert into a lead or sale. So … do your site visitors like what they see when they arrive at your website, or are they leaving after a […]

How to Keep People on Your Website Longer

7 Easy eCommerce & & Service Site Marketing Methods

It’s an easy equation: the more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are to convert into a lead or sale.

So … do your site visitors like what they see when they arrive at your website, or are they leaving after a couple of seconds?

Are they choosing to purchase something from you, or deserting their cart prior to making a purchase?

Stats show that an average web user invests just a few seconds on a site prior to they decide whether to stay or go. That implies you don’t have much time to make a great impression.

I know it can be a huge obstacle to figure out ways to increase online conversions and time invested in your website.

That’s why I’m sharing seven eCommerce and business website marketing methods to assist you keep people on your website longer.

1. Keep your pledges.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but numerous small business owners are so eager to get leads and sales that they overpromise.

Whether you’re guaranteeing life-altering results or informing your clients returns are a cinch when they’re not, you’re risking your credibility and your profits.

I know it is often taught to sensationalize your headlines and make big pledges, however I argue this will backfire on you if you aren’t living up to the buzz you’ve produced.

Instead, stick to the fact. Share the advantages of your services or product honestly and truthfully.

Tell your clients how you can assist in fixing their problems, however do not make pledges you can’t keep.

2. Utilize exit popups.

An exit popup is a site overlay that appears when someone attempts to browse far from a page.

You can tailor the messaging of the popup depending on what you want the individual to do, including:

  • Offer a discount rate on their next purchase if they provide their email address
  • Download an eBook or some other giveaway to assist construct your newsletter list
  • Direct users to check out a blog that relates to their needs (tip: at the bottom of that post, have a strong CTA towards what you wish to do next.)
  • Chat with an assistance agent or sales rep

While some online popups can be majorly annoying, exit intent popups are different.

Due to the fact that they don’t emerge all over your site while people are trying to shop or check out content, they’re eye-catching without being bothersome or invasive.

This makes them among the most efficient eCommerce and company marketing strategies you need to keep people on your site longer.

3. Offer individuals a discount.

Who does not like an excellent discount rate! Provide your consumers an additional incentive to purchase from you or provide you their information.

You could extremely well increase online conversions and keep people on your website longer if you give visitors something like:

  • A percentage-based or dollar worth discount
  • A dollar-value discount rate
  • Free shipping
  • A freebie (for instance, a free eBook or a 30- minute assessment with you)

Our customer Malary’s Style in Cloverdale BC promotes 15% off their next shop purchase on their website. Visible on each page of their site as well as a popup form. Those registering are likewise contributed to Malary’s newsletter, letting them know of upcoming events and specials.

4. Send abandoned cart e-mails.

According to statistics, the average documented online shopping cart desertion rate is about 70%. There are a range of factors that people decide not to purchase the eleventh hour.

Maybe they’re just searching or think your shipping costs are too expensive once their total amount is updated. Or, perhaps they notice there’s no SSL certificate (the “s” in the “https” prior to your URL that reveals individuals your website is secure) and choose to go to a more trusted brand name.

Sending a deserted cart email can be a fantastic way to increase online conversions. How it works: if you have somebody’s e-mail address, you follow up with them after a shopping cart desertion.

Many professionals suggest sending out the very first follow-up e-mail within an hour, reminding your visitor that they still have products in their cart.

If they don’t respond to the first e-mail, you can send out a couple of more e-mails advising them of the product and/or offering a discount rate or complimentary shipping if they do purchase your product or service.

5. Usage copy and images carefully.

If you want to keep people on your website longer, you need to capture their attention.

Developing fascinating, pertinent material that shares the page with premium images will engage your visitors and help to inform your brand name story.

Each page should have at least one excellent quality, relevant image to break up text. Keep in mind not to publish high resolution images that are very large in file size. Enhanced images load faster on your page, which is better for your customers and your SEO.

Do not hesitate to use numerous images in a post. In an analysis of over one million short articles, BuzzSumo discovered that short articles with an image as soon as every 75-100 words got double the social media shares as posts with less images.

6. Usage clear CTAs.

What do you want your visitors to do on a specific page? Each page on your site need to have a call to action that encourages your prospective clients to do something.

And you do not simply have to ask individuals to register for something or buy a product.

Your eCommerce and organisation marketing methods around CTAs could consist of encouraging individuals to find out more about a service, calling you for more information or reaching out to client assistance.

This is where A/B testing can be a really important tool to increase online conversions. You can check out various button colours, different CTA text, and CTAs in various areas of the page to see what performs better.

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7. Be familiar with video marketing.

Ninety-two percent of marketers state video is an important part of their marketing technique today. This has grown from 78% in 2015.

Video can be one of the most powerful eCommerce and business marketing methods, helping you keep individuals on your website longer and increase online conversions.

By developing a video marketing strategy, you can build awareness around your brand name, clearly discuss what you’re selling, and give people an audio/visual CTA.

Although some small company owners find it daunting, it’s actually not that difficult to prepare compelling video content, shoot it with a smart device or laptop computer video camera and inform the world everything about your services or product!

I understand it’s not always easy to increase online conversions and keep individuals on your site longer. I hope these eCommerce and service marketing strategies have actually cleaned up a few of the confusion!

To your business success,