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Bully Busting 101 Part 3: Strength Training

The high school or workplace bully preys on the weaker people. By getting physically stronger, you are less of a target and more equipped to protect yourself. Martial arts training is not enough. Your body needs to be stronger to train hard and avoid injury. I stumbled across this workout back in the late 70's. […]

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Interpreting Our World

When other adults came for me after school, my teacher would tell them how nasty I was, how undeserving, how worthless. The other adults listened to the teacher and accepted her words, thus confirming her version in my child's mind. Every word, every act, every gesture I experienced at the time convinced me day after […]

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Simple Ways to Teach Children to Be Grateful

Life is unfair, as well as occasionally it’s up to us parents to raise a youngster who will certainly have the ability to appreciate the little, as well as huge points, that life needs to offer. The majority of moms and dads aim to educate their kids to be thankful for the little as well […]

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Fun Types of RC Toys For 2018

There are numerous incredible RC items available today, yet they are often extremely pricey and just overlooked. As an outcome many individuals will pass on them and miss the possibility to experience the enjoyable as well as pleasure of this fantastic innovation. RC products have actually grown from greater than simply transforming the tv channel […]

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How to Set Up Leadership Role Playing Games for Kids

Role playing games offer an excellent method for teaching kids leadership skills. However, the games must be designed to achieve maximum results. This article outlines tips for development and implementation. They benefit anyone who works with children (teachers, aides, camp counselors, etc.). 7 Tips Determine the topics. Here, the point is to first determine what […]

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